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Pre-selection is part of what we call a display of Higher value, or a DHV. Pre-selection in a nut shell is exactly how it sounds. You are thought of as pre-selected when a woman observes the actions of other women in your life. For example if you walk into a club with a pretty girl, and many others are happy to see you and are open and social with you. This shows any observing women that you are ok with other women; Therefore, there must be something appealing about you that she would find interesting too. And if you recall from our definition of attraction , having interest is having some sort of attraction. 

Personally, I feel pre-selection is one of the most under rated attraction switches people use.

I think a lot of people think that it is hard to get it, and impossible to fake it. Both are false. I am a big believer in fake it until you make it,  but it also is not hard at all to build a circle of female friends. The trick is  not being the creepy guy nor the emotional tampon. Ill explain more about that later.

The reason why it works to get women attracted to you is because women know instinctively from evolution that they can not depend on how good a man may be for them just from the outside impression a man gives. They know we can fake value and that we do. It’s also a reason they “shit test” us. They need to know that a man has value from some type of other proof. There are many things that can provide that proof, and pre-selection is a very strong one. Pre-selection is a strong one because they see first hand that other women accept you. They see that other girls want you and find you trustworthy. That allows a new female observing this to come to the conclusion that you must be high value and you must be OK for them too. This allows them to put the guard down and go straight to knowing more about you. This is a huge attraction for them.

They see that other girls want you and find you trustworthy

Think about how many men women come across all the time. Think about all the normal barrage of bore they come across at bars and clubs. They see it all, and most men get lumped into that category very fast, unless you can stand out from that group. If you don’t, you have a much harder battle to get even pre-selection

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Just imagine this for a moment. Imagine a guy up at the bar either by himself or just standing there with a beer in his hand up by his chest like a predator hunting women. 

Now imagine that same guy with his back against the bar and very comfortable. 2 or three girls looking at him and smiling and laughing at what he is saying. You can see they are giving him their complete attention. Now imagine other guys outside of that circle of people, looking in and watching and talking too.

Now what do you think of these two guys? The guy with three girls talking to him looks much higher value, and there has to be some reason that those girls are spending their time giving him attention. Even more high value that other men are doing the same.

When women see this attention from females to the guy, then it is a sure sign to them that this guy is used to women, has women in his life, and therefore, accepted and wanted by women.

I don’t think I need to tell anyone this, but I think we all know that women want what other women want. It’s a great thing to understand, trust me. Use it to your favor.


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So How Can You Use This Pre-selection?

The key to getting good pre-selection is to get yourself a group of platonic girlfriends. I learned a lot about this from Love Systems , they  go into this in great detail in Social Circle Mastery and it can take many, many articles to explain this fully. But for now let’s just say you need to befriend many women and not as the nice guy or the creepy guy. Let’s go back and talk about friend guy and creepy guy very briefly. ( more about these in separate articles).

Nice Guy is the guy that gets a lot of girlfriends but it is not because they respect him or want him. It’s because they use him as an emotional tampon to dump their issues on to like some sort of therapy for them.Or because they think of him as safe and cute like a puppy. You don’t want to be considered cute as a puppy.

Then there is creepy guy, and this is when a guy tries and hits on every girl that is around him, doesn’t use kino (touch) right and goes way past acceptable with it. It basically oozes out he just wants sex in everything he does.

You see the things these two have in common are agendas. They both come at this with an agenda of getting the girl somehow with the friendship. That is creepy. If you are setting out to get girls as friends you need to keep your bad boy edge. You still need to be seen as a possible sexual friend. You just have to make the first move of making them a friend. You need to be fun and exciting, yet you are the one that is making them a friend.

This not only turns the girls on that you are doing this to, it also makes them respect you. They know you are sexual, they know that there is a chance you to could have something, but it’s you that is stopping it. What reason can you use for not wanting to ? It’s easy. The statement of “I’m not good for you, you’re a great girl and I’m not the type of guy a girl like you should get involved with”. Something along these lines played well at the right time will work wonders. Even if there has never been any interest from her to you, you can use this. You simply throw it in as a funny comment at some point, then let it resonate. She will start to think about this all the time. It’s like a cat that can’t get what it wants. It bothers them. This process of them wondering why you chose not to have them will turn around and make them attracted to you.

The key to remember here is unless you really want to go that route with this girl, you need to keep that fish on the line and not reel it in. These girls will eventually understand and then become your best friend. They know it’s not because of them, but that your really just a good guy at heart. Although they may feel that you are just sexual ( which is not a bad thing to have), they will trust you aren’t out to use anyone. You will now be introduced to all of her friends as a great friend.

This is a huge difference e then just being a guy she knows that is trying to date her but can’t man up. Your the guy that put her in the friend zone.

What does this have to do with pre-selection?

Well the more of these you can gather up as friends, the better off you are. Now as you start going out places you will start to run into them all over. If you were smart you would find out what they are all doing on the nights out and arrange that you all meet out, or go out together as a group, or just plain “end up” at the same place.

You will be getting attention from them all night, and trust me, every girl in the place will notice this.

You just got pre-selection….. To Learn much , much more on this and find out exactly why I feel this is the most important aspect you should work on in your game, check out these This course on exactly how to use Pre-Selection go Here


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  1. Jimmy says:

    Very good stuff !

  2. Xander says:

    So then when it comes to having sex, doesn’t that eventually ruin this status?

    • Evan Hawk says:

      Not sure If I understand the question Xander? No it doesnt ruin the status, if you play it right, it just makes it better. But you have to be selective in how you do that.

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