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 A Divorced Man’s Survival Guide to Dating After DivorA Divorced Man Survival Guide to Datingce


S0 are you a divorced man trying to get back into dating after divorce and wondering how you are going to handle all this? Are you a middle-aged man and now single again after being in a long relationship. Looking back and taking a scroll down memory lane you realize that you are not the man that you were before.

You got married, and the person you are today may have changed dramatically over the years from the man you were. Back then you may have felt like girls came around easily and or for others maybe that became a task.

Now reality hits that the man you were is no longer there,  and the man you became just isn’t enough, you are now single again and unsure of where to begin. You’re scared of what is out there now aren’t you. You don’t have any game left, or maybe you never had it.

Men change when their married; it’s all a part of the society system. We are trained by it, the media, our parents, people, news, work, movies, and mostly by women. You have done what you felt was the proper thing for a man to do based on society’s rules and what you learned along the way. You worked half of your life away to make a decent living to support the marriage and your family, and now your trying to get back into dating after divorce

You now find that you have lost your girl for some reason, possibly have children, and now forced to get back into dating. Not only are you seriously rusty at the meeting and dating women, you are extremely rusty at most social “game”, Yes I called it game. For a lack of a better word, life is a game, it’s a dance. Whether you want to accept that or not, it is what it is. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you can get this part of your life handled.

So what do you do when you find yourself in this situation? Do you jump and find the first woman you can and latch a hold of hoping she wants you too? NO! You need to sit back, relax, and take the proper steps in making the rest of your life better than it ever has been. The past is gone, and it will never be back.

The good thing about that is now you have a hold on making your future be whatever you want it to be and trust me, no matter what it is becoming adept at social interactions is the key to making it the most fulfilling life you can desire. Learning how to master this part of your life is truly the key to becoming happy. For example, The reason most guys work so hard to make a good living is to make sure they can find the best girl they can.

Divorced and datingSeriously think about it, It’s what we work so hard for. Those are all material things that will probably give you a moment of happiness but once it’s gone it’s gone. To lead you to the happiness most seek for, you just need to learn how to attract women and society in the right way. You can do this without having to be rich.

Why is it called the Divorced Man’s Survival Guide to Dating After Divorce?


It is called the Divorced Man’s Survival Guide to dating after divorce because it is what I could have used when I got divorced. Dating after a divorce is much different then a y9oung man just dating. The whole dynamic is worlds apart. How we see people, how we see dreams and ambitions, it;s all a different picture. Especially if you have children, is it not fathers out there? It’s a culmination of strategies to get you mental state back on track and make you happy about life again. It’s to give you hope that life is only going to get better if you put the right effort in to do so. It’s to give you the secrets that I learned to get any woman you want, and prepare you to be ready for when you finally decide you want that one girl you consider your 10. If you have not prepared yourself as I describe in this book, you will not be ready for her. She will pass you by like so many others have so far in your life. All you need is a few tweaks in yourself and your way of doing things, and you can transform yourself to a place you can not imagine. I Sdid it for me. It’s not only for divorced men, the principles, techniques, strategies and tactics described in this book apply to any man of any age and any circumstance.

A little about me, I am Evan Hawk, and I am 40 years old. I am divorced with a child. I am a single parent, and I have endured everything I talk about. I have researched this material and experimented extensively in everything you will read on here. At 40, if you take care of yourself, get in shape, walk your talk, carry your confidence, and have a stable life you can attract any woman you desire. So you must take the time to build this life. I will step you through exactly how I did it.

Some of what I will tell you may offend some people , and it may even turn you off. It certainly might not be your style, and you may not want to do it exactly how I did it. You need to find your own niche that works for you. I plan on giving you a blueprint of success for you to model after. Modeling means you take what you like about a certain method or process that has worked for others, and you engineer it to be your own, in your way.

That being said you must also be willing to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. If what you are comfortable doing is working to the best you can, meaning you have the woman of your dreams, and you can step into any social situation with ease, then you don’t need to be listening to me or anyone else. You’re perfect. For most of us, we aren’t, I know I am far from it, but I keep at it in baby steps every day and it works. Not only does it work, but it makes me feel happy. Improving some part of my life every day lets me know that my future will keep getting better no matter what circumstance life has.

Why is taking the time to get this part of your life handled? As you will learn, your mental state or your “inner game” is the most vital part of your confidence. Once you feel OK about yourself and what your life will be, you feel strong about the whole picture, and day-to-day things become an ease. Soon, the life you always wanted will be your reality.

Keep your head straight and come back soon as I carry on this conversation, or you can get the Ebook, Divorced Man’s Survival Guide to Dating After Divorce to get the complete, detailed step by step outline to getting what you are want in this part of your life.


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