How To Attract Women

Learn How To Attract Women by Learning What is Attraction

What is attraction


Attraction by definition is when someone becomes interested in another person. This doesn’t have to be purely a sexual way. You get attracted to things you might want in your life or simply find it interesting enough to explore more at that time period. When we talk about attraction in dating science, we are talking about when a woman starts to look at you in a sexual way, or at least as a possible sexual partner. We are talking about how to attract women to us and to want us. The key to finding out how to attract women is by learning what is attraction really.

How to Attract Women

Attraction is not purely about looks. As a matter of fact, with women it’s sometimes not about looks at all. That is a good thing for us guys. That puts things on an even playing field for all men. For women, attraction is based on evolutionary switches that fire off when certain traits are shown that she identifies with a possible mate. These usually aren’t conscious thoughts, they are usually just feelings she gets, and doesn’t know why. She doesn’t even realize she is having them actually. Women just work on emotion and they go towards good emotions. There is a big ah ha here guys. If you can absorb that statement and let it lead your actions, it is exactly one of the easiest ways on how to attract women.

It doesn’t matter what you look like, if you are not providing good emotions, she will not want to be around you. This is why the funny guy, the fun energy guy, and even the bad boy gets the girls. They all bring women good emotions in some way or another. That is how to attract women. Bring them good emotions. I am almost 40 years old, have thin hair, very salt and pepper hair these days, and I am with a 20 year old beautiful model and have been with since she was 18. I’m the guy that every guy looks at and wonders, how did that old man get her. Not to boast, and there is no exaggeration, it is what it is. I learned these switches and slowly started implementing them all. They work and I guarantee they will make your dating life so much better if you do too.


That is how you attract women, you bring them good emotions


So attraction in dating science explores the different “attraction switches”, as labeled in the Magic Bullets book from Love Systems. These attraction switches are things that have developed in women over years of evolution and are not in conscious thought. That is what is great about this. Knowing what truly triggers attraction is quite different then what we are taught by the media and even women themselves. You see what people think they want and what they really find themselves attracted to are two different things. David DeAnglelo says it best in Double Your Dating that attraction is not a choice. We can not logic ourselves to attraction. Either are or your not. Now someone can become more attractive to you the are able to fire off more of these switches, but not because they made you logically decide it.

This is where so many men make mistakes. They try and logic their way into a girls heart. It doesn’t work. It may get you somewhere. But it’s a lot of work, and most likely she is lacking something else in her life and talked herself into it. This is just doomed to fail every time. She will eventually have the real attraction switches flipped like crazy by the bad boy that comes around and before you know it your girl is getting ______ behind your back. Doubt me if you must, but trust it happens so much more than you can imagine.


The trick to it all is to become the guy who flips the attraction switches, not sit around and worry about some other guy flipping the attraction switches. Get over it, there will be guys that will do it for her. But as long as you are flipping enough of them on a constant basis, she wont care about the new guy at all.

Or maybe you just want to always be the new guy flipping the attraction switches. Either way, you need to know them, and start to implement a series of strategies (higher level Plans) and tactics (actions) to create a lifestyle that naturally allows you to flip these switches without thinking about it.

Ok so to truly learn how to attract women you need to know what they are. Here are the most important ones. There is a much longer list, but these are some of the more important switches that make women attracted :


High value –

Women are very attracted to men that are of high value. Value comes in many forms. The obvious one is wealth, but there is also emotional, social, humor, status,Challenging, and pre-selected. Emotional Value is the most important. Like I said you must be able to bring her good emotions or you will never have her. Let’s go over these some more.


Health –

They want a man that can give her good offspring. This is what is called replication value. It’s not as much a conscious thing as it is an evolutionary thing. There is a thing called pheromones, and scientist have found that humans use these scents to see if we are compatible at a DNA level. These pheromones tell us if we have health issues too. So make sure you keep yourself healthy. If you eat good and exercise and maintain your health you will naturally be more attractive at a DNA level. True story guys.


Social Intuition –
She needs a man that can carry himself socially. She doesn’t want a man that can’t be social and withdraws in social situations. It is a huge turn off for her. A man that can enter a group and carry on a conversation with confidence is a huge attractive quality for women. One of the Most important I feel. You might think its too hard to be that extrovert and be so social. Well I can tell you this, I am an introvert and I do very well at this. Actually I think it’s one of my strongest attraction switches. I am not shy, i’m just an introvert. Introvert really just means I get my energy from myself and within. I have to go to my cave here and there to re-charge. Extroverts get their energy from others and socially, so they are usually the more social people in a group. The point is, no one is “shy” that is nothing more than a very bad term people get labeled as kids and grow up labeling themselves as. Remove the label now! I was labeled that growing up and thought that was just me and I can’t change. Well, I did, and I am now known as mr social. You can learn to stop thinking others are different then you or somehow they are judging everything you do. This isn’t middle school anymore, so who really cares if they are. Seriously! Do you care more about getting that hot girl you know you could have if you could just be you. Or do you care more about what Joe Chode over there that has nothing better to do thinks? Me, I have learned that life is too short, and I am going for what I want. And you know what, man life is so much more fun guys! I only wished I figured this out years ago, what a life I would have had all this time. Seriously, get social!


Humor –

We all know women like a man that can make them laugh, but I think a lot of men get this confused. What she really means by this is, can he stimulate my emotions. Remember what I said earlier? She does not care nor does she understand what is causing it, but like a moth to light, women flock to fun energy and good emotions. If you think about humor, it’s not about jokes, it’s about tension. Tension and release is what makes them laugh and enjoy it. Not jokes guys. This is more about teasing and playfulness then it is jokes. Look up my article on little sister method. It is one of my favorite tactics and works like a charm.



Status Is a huge attraction switch. If a woman can witness other people giving you respect, admiring you, going out of their way to be involved with you in some way, she gets attracted. Even simple things like getting passed a line to a club, or any other favors or benefits others may give you, shows you have status and people want you to be there. This all falls under a big area called Social Circle Mastery and a sub area called being “leader of men”. I will have much more to come on this whole niche soon and I think it is one of the easiest and most powerful ways of attracting women. Until I can get my product together there is one that I really thought was as close to my theories as possible and it is self titled Social Circle Mastery by Love Systems. This should get you started in this area of attracting more women.


Wealth –
Having wealth is an attraction switch. The problem is most men use it wrong. Don’t try and buy or show off to a girl if you have wealth. Just subtly let it show over time through natural causes. So many men try and throw it all out there in the beginning and I can promise you this, it will kill attraction fast if you come off in any way as trying to show off. I would have to say that this is probably one of the areas men shoot themselves in the foot more than anything. Besides, why would you want to always have thought that she may just be with you for your money. It’s is so much more attractive to a woman that she finds out later you have money and never said anything about it, then for you to have told her. They are night and day. One will get you trash canned faster then the date is over, the other will propel you to stardom.


Confidence –

Things that show confidence are a non reactive cool calm and indifferent mode of conducting yourself. You see something you want and you go for it. You don’t think low of yourself. You are not a bragger, you simply carry yourself with an attitude of you have it all right here and don’t need anything else. That is the mind set you are always going to have to remind yourself of. It doesn’t come second nature to anyone, trust me. If you think it does, then they are just doing a great job of pulling it off. Everyone has doubts. Everyone second guesses themselves. Everyone has the same feelings as you do. Some just learn earlier in life to contain them, shut them out, use them wisely or ignore them. The trick is to know them, and just become them over time of training your mental state. Just keep reminding yourself of these features and you will become it.



I can not say enough about this one. If you can show other girls that women love to be around you, they will all of a sudden be much more attracted to you then ever before. I write a full article on this, and will releasing a whole product on this. Check out this article here for more information on pre-selection.




Here is where most people mess up. They supplicate to the woman, put her on a pedestal and completley become no challenge. At the incorrect advice of movies and social norms us men have been guided the wrong way. DO NOT supplicate! Look here for more information on supplication.

If you can learn to cultivate these switches into your life and make them a natural part of you, you will naturally attract many more women then you are now. So to conclude this article on how to attract women let’s remember we have to know what attraction is and how it is triggered in women. We have to set up a strategic plan to start developing tactics that will flip these switches and that ends up with more attraction from women. Stayed tuned for a step by step guide on how to attract women coming very soon.

Until then happy attracting!


Evan out….




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  1. Psherman says:

    When will your attraction guide be coming out? Great stuff btw!

  2. Joe says:

    This makes total sense. I think my biggest problem is my confidence. Any advice on how to get over my fear of rejection?

    Great site, wish I found long time ago. You da man Hawk!!!

  3. Blackjack says:

    Awesome article Evan, this makes total sense. It’s so funny how were conditioned to be interesting to women if we want to win their approval and the fact of the matter is that’s not enough, as I understand it, more importantly we have to be of interest to women. Meaning we need to posses the qualities of the guys she has an interest in and then MUST show restraint and not offer it up on a platter and be a bit of a challenge she has to work for. It’s so funny but true, women are like pussy cats, if you show interest, affection and dote all over that cat it will run away from lack of interest. However if you make you presence felt and only offer a little string that is outside that pussy cats grasp you’ll never see that pussy work so hard to play with you. So there you go, nuff said.

    Blackjack out…

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