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If you could find out everything you need to know about talking to how women, no strings attached NSA relationships, or finding the right girl in an easy to understand straightforward system, how happy would you be? Well I sat down with Mehow to talk about his new product called NSA System, The No Strings Attached Guide and it just so happened to be during the filming of his new show on MTV. It goes deep into how pick up artist can train anyone to get the girl they desire and fast. It’s a show Mehow says proves that what he trains works, and by the sounds of it, I think we all will see firsthand that it does.

I called Mehow up to talk to him first hand about his new product and his new show after reviewing the product.  I think that this product is all encompassing and doesn’t just cover NSA No Strings Attached Relationships. It covers everything from How to Talk to Hot Women, to finding the OneDer girl (as Mehow puts it), all the way to how to use all of that to have NSA No Strings Attached type relationships if that is what you want. Mehow sat down and not only explained the system for us but also gave us a first had exclusive look into his new show.

Let me start of by stating the obvious, and that is that all men are at one of mainly three different stages in their lives at any one time. They can be currently and possibly recently single with no thought or desire for a relationship. Or they may be in the process of trying to find a fantastic girl because he is ready for that now, or lastly he has found the right one and is truly happy with that in his life. What most guys don’t know or understand is that no matter what  stage you are in, you still need to have game and play the game right. As a matter of fact, it’s even more pertinent when you are trying to keep a girl. Picking up a new girl is the easy part after you get this stuff handled, it’s keeping the girl that is the hard part. I don’t mean just keeping her I mean keeping her into you. Hate to break it to most of you, but most likely if your in a relationship and you aren’t still doing the things that got her to want you when you first met, someone else is. It does not stop just because you have her. Just trust me on this one, and many of you may have already learned that the hard way.

So let’s break this down. Men are at one of these stages at any one part of their life. Let’s go into each stage:

1) Not wanting any commitment and just wanting no strings attached type fun.

This period usually follows a break up like a divorce or something of that sort. He has just been in a long relationship, most likely had some heartbreak, and is just wanting to have time with his friends and of course lots of sex. The problem is, is that he thinks most women want relationships. Well most do, but what he doesn’t understand is that most women love sex more than men do to though. You see if this is the thing you want then there are a lot of women that are OK with it too. There are just some rules to abide by.

For one, it has to be extremely discreet. If a woman is going to decide that she wants just to be a sexual friend with you, she has to trust that you aren’t going to ruin her reputation with people. She needs to know that you keep your personal business to yourself. If you are the kind of person that has to run and brag to his friends, forget about having this type of friend,they will sense it from you right away.

She can not see you as possible boyfriend material,and you have to be honest from the beginning. The easy way to do this is to be up front and honest. A good thing to say is “I’m not the type of guy you want to get mixed up in”. Or ” I’m not good for you, trust me”. Maybe ” I’m not boyfriend material”, and the best is ” I’m at a point right now that I am not really interested in any type of serious relationship, I mean I’m certainly open to someone that can change my mind about that, but”.  You see all of these allow you to be fun, interesting, playful, yet mysterious all at the same time. You don’t want to come off harsh, and you certainly never want to be dishonest with a girl. That is how you will get labeled as a player and hated. Women understand men more than you think, and they just don’t want to get played. Women ultimately want relationships with a guy they can trust and be with forever. Just because she is ok with a sexual relationship, doesn’t mean she can’t turn into something more later. This allows her to have trust in you and leaves the door open for whatever you two want. If she accepts this frame, then she is down for the same thing you are. This will allow her to respect you. She may not want to go this direction with you, and you should respect that, but at least she will always respect you for that. Never lie to a girl and tell her you want something that you don’t want. That is being a player, and trust me, they don’t get far. I call them leg humpers. The guy that can’t own his sexuality is nothing more than a little dog humping a leg. Desperation is what leads to lying. Don’t lie, own it.

The point to drive home here is that if this is the stage you are in your life and that’s what you want, then just own up to it. You are a man, and you are a sexual being, there is nothing wrong with that. She is a sexual being too and trust me guys girls aren’t going around without sex for terribly long. They are in one of a few stages too, and one of them consist of looking for a keeper, while sleeping with a guy that gets it and by “gets it” I mean, what I just described.

2) Next stage is a guy that is searching for the right girl.

Personally I think this is a terrible stage to be in. Not that finding the right girl is an awful thing, it’s having the mindset of looking for it. It’s when you aren’t searching is when you will find it. The point here it’s more of a guy that wants to have something more distinct and meaningful in his life then just empty sex. Many men want that and here is the secret to it. If you want that, then you need to get proficient at getting girls to get that. You see, if you just wait around for that particular girl your not going to be ready to be what she wants when she comes around. You see any girl that is worth keeping is going to want a guy that knows what being a guy is. I do not mean a guy sleeping around, I mean a guy that knows how to be a man, a guy that is not afraid to talk to women. You have to cultivate these traits to keep this type of girl, and the only way to dao that is to learn by constantly calibrating yourself with other girls. You need to be out and social and growing confidence in yourself so when she comes around, you are ready for her.

3) The guy that has the girl he wants.

This is an excellent place to be, except if you do not know the reality of life. You see most guys get to this stage, get married, then get fat and happy and complacent. They forget to be the guy they were when they first attracted her. They become tiresome and lose their manhood. If you want to keep the right girl, you need to enrich her emtoionally. By that, I do not mean be a pathetic romantic buying flowers. By that, I mean taking her on an emotional journey constantly. Always making it like she just met you. Keep her intrigued, keep up the adventure, keep up the spontenousness. Basically keep up the fun like you just met her. I know this is extremely hard to do with how we get settled into the rat race, but I am telling you, it has to be done, or you will lose her to some other guy that is making her see those sparks again. trust me.


The point of all this is that most of the material you find on dating goes into only one aspect of many that deal with attracting and getting the girls you want. But I liked the holistic view of the NSA System, which is actually three systems in one. First it’s How To Talk to Hot Women, then it’s OneDer girl system, then finishes off with the NSA System of No Strings Attached relationships. So no matter what stage you are in, it all will help you get the happiness you want in life.

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