You And The Art Of Online Dating

Thinking About Online Dating but Nervous About Trying it? Are You Newly Single and Feeling Awkward about Starting Dating Again? Maybe You’re Just Fed Up Trying to Meet Decent People in Bars and Clubs

If this is you, you’re not alone. Millions of serious singles share the same concerns. They know dating ought to be fun, not a nightmare, and that meeting compatible people should not be as hard as winning an Olympic Medal. Yet that’s the way it sometimes feels when you ask yourself the question, “How can I meet someone nice?”

Attract other singles who share your interests and values while passing under the radar of the liars, users, and cheaters Find out the facts that qualify another person as someone you could be interested in – before you ever set foot on a date Meet genuine, quality people Connect with dozens (even hundreds) of eligible singles based on criteria YOU decide – whether that’s age, religion, education, hobbies, driving distance, or literally anything else

To save other people the learning curve we went through, I’ve written a dating book that explains all the do’s and don’ts of online dating, so you don’t have to waste the time we did in finding that right person. Life’s too short, there are too few years to share as it is, so why waste several years just looking?

Avoid the common pitfalls of Internet dating Stop wasting time and money on unproductive dates Find and meet many wonderful, datable people Select the most reputable, navigable, and popular dating Websites Compare dating sites based on my researched lists of pluses and minuses Perform Internet searches for people who meet your personal criteria Establish firm protocol for who you are and are not willing to meet Create an online profile that highlights your uniqueness and attracts the people you’ll find interesting

Still not sure this e-book is for you? I offer a 100-percent money-back guarantee if, at the end of 3 months, you feel this dating book hasn’t given you more than your money’s worth. No questions asked – you simply request a refund, and the money goes back on your credit card immediately.

So what have you got to lose, except feeling alone? Stop envying happy couples and take the first step today that will help you become one. Love may be destiny, but even destiny has a hard time finding someone who lives under a rock!

Let “YOU AND THE ART OF ONLINE DATING” guide you to destiny’s door. Because life is too short, and love is too sweet, to procrastinate.

For a limited time, as part of my launch promotion, I’m offering this 102-page dating book, “YOU AND THE ART OF ONLINE DATING,” (a $40 value) for the discounted price of just $19.95 Your purchase includes two bonus Books, TWO FREE BONUS GIFTS!!! (each a $10 value), free with your purchase. “Preparing Yourself To Love Again” “How To Use Visualization To Attract The Mate Of Your Dreams”

Why should you buy my dating book? Because I’ve been in your shoes. I was on the dating scene until I was 45 years old, when I finally met my husband and got married for the first time. I dated online for many years trying several of the popular Internet dating sites. I was so active, in fact, that my friends referred to me as a “serial dater.” I can guide you around the pitfalls and time wasters I unwittingly experienced. And if you feel I fail in my promise to set you on the high road to finding your right mate, you need only ask for your money back, and you get it. You even get to keep the two free bonus e-books. “YOU AND THE ART OF ONLINE DATING” is the only product on the market that will completely take you step-by-step through the process of online dating, then provide you with the resources to help ensure a successful outcome.

Your book is really wonderful. You answered all my questions about how to get online and pick a site, what to do with your profile, how to weed out the people you’re not going to be interested in, how to get a background check, and even how to act on your date. The escape plan is really good as well and goes back to the advice my father used to give me when I first started dating. I would definitely recommend this book!! It is a very easy read and very informative. – Connie H., Crozet, Virginia I think this is an excellent book and I wish something like this was available six years ago when I was trying Internet dating for the first time. It’s fantastic that every step of the online dating process is explained in such detail. Things like how to effectively post your picture, what to do on the first date and the listing of reputable dating site are all valuable information. -Hasmic N., Los Angeles , California I was very reluctant to re-enter the dating scene after my divorce but your Internet dating guide changed that for me and gave me confidence with its practical advice and illustrations. – Andrea C., Fresno, California I’m new to online dating and this guide helped me see the pitfalls before I made the mistakes myself. I also was able to make significant progress in attracting the kind of partners I expected to date quickly. Now my buddies are totally jealous and wondering how I am doing it! – Jim T., Boise, Idaho.

“PREPARING YOURSELF TO LOVE AGAIN” Successfully finding that special person you’re looking for requires more than joining an online dating site. It requires a mindset, an attitude, that opens the door for love to come into your life. Too often people re-enter the dating field emotionally unprepared. The experience only leaves them disappointed. This thoughtful e-book helps you examine the things in your life that keep love at a distance so you can address and remove the mental blocks to finding the person of your dreams and falling…