How To Attract Women By Building A Better You


In how to attract women by building a better you, there are several things you need to learn and you need to improve, and one of them is Style. Style can make or break you. If you start going out and you look out of place because you just don’t fit in, your social value will plummet. Most girls are very worried about their social value, especially while out at a club. Young women care about who they are seen with. It’s always ok to be with the cool older guy, but not the creepy, out of style older guy.

You need to look like you have a clue on what is trendy. This does not mean you have to spend a lot of money. Trust me; I have learned the hard way that just because you spent a lot on an outfit, doesn’t mean it’s cool. Part of that is getting in better shape. It’s easy to make anything look good if your body looks good.

The key here is to find something that fits you well and is stylish. I do it with V neck t-shirts these days. That seems to be the style, and I am glad because I love the type of shirt. A lot of times my shirts only cost me 6 bucks. Find yourself some nice designer jeans though. These are a must. Make sure they fit well and have good style to them. These might cost a lot, but one or two pairs will be all you need and worth the investment for the times you want to look really sharp. Just make sure to save them for the times you need to look your sharpest.

1.Get your outfits fitted by a tailor. Most shirts are very square. If you go and get the waist brought in more tapered, it will make your body look more tapered, hence, better. It’s all in the fit! Make the outfit fit you the best it can, and this will do wonders.

2.  Get yourself some nice shoes. If you’re going to invest in anything, invest in a few pair of designer jeans and some nice shoes. You need a pair of nice dress shoes, and a few pair of some cool dress down shoes. It always depends on your area and time period but there is always a style of dress shoe that is in, and always a dress down shoe that is in.

3. Belts. Make sure to have some nice belts. Match your shoes! Women look at this stuff    guys.

4. Accessories. Find some accessories that fit the style you want to be. Watches are the most important, followed by a good neck chain of some sort. Stay away from gold. If it’s a v neck t, then it needs to be longer than the V. If it’s a button up, it needs to be shorter.

 The biggest thing about style is you need to look like you pay attention. Look around you; see what cool guys are wearing. What looks good on people? Check out magazines, and TV, and so forth. Just make sure to make it important. It will do wonders for you. No girl wants a guy that looks out of style. Girls want to be proud of you as their man, and that means being proud when they are with you, especially if you’re older, like most of us reading this. 

Dating A Younger Women And How Most Men Mess Up

dating younger womenNeedy is the word we use to describe actions that come across as too desperate or too much attention given to someone. For example, you may or may not have had a woman, when you met her she was great, but after about a month of her always wanting to hang out, always checking up on you, she’s not that great anymore. People are like that, women are like that, and men are especially like that. Women aren’t attracted to needy clingy men, and younger women are especially turned off by this type of person.


When you’re with her, it’s her on you and holding you and just coming across way to into you. This is what it comes across to women. For example if you text 5 times and she hasn’t responded, your pretty much in the needy category and you’re done. Walk away.This woman does not want you. You cannot keep trying to steal every second of their time. If it’s you that is asking for time with them all the time, you’re the needy guy. If you’re calling and texting her too much, you’re the needy guy. If you’re answering her text right away, you’re the needy guy. Are you getting it?

Take your time and not be in such a rush to answer her calls or text, blow her off a little. You’re the busy guy and you can’t come across like she is that important to you. I know this may come across as against the grain of “show women you care” and it is. The time to show her you care is later, not now. Especially when your trying to date a younger woman of this age.


You do not do it by suffocating women. Think about what you like for yourself. Women are like little cats, you can’t give them too much attention or they don’t want it. Do not rub the fur the wrong way, let them come for the attention and give it to them and make them purr. Then throw them away and make them want it again. Too much of anything is not wanted by cats or women. This is even more important with young women.


They are bombarded by this type of guy all the time. At the first sign of it women run, they have had this guy before and it just plain freaks them out. They can’t stand it, and they want to stay far away from any guy that reminds them of it. So do not complain about them not wanting to do something, or if they do something with their friends, etc.


They are not thinking relationship when they first meet you and you are throwing yourself into a clinger relationship frame with her. Not good. You need to have a sense of maturity and experience to you, not the opposite. She needs to know you not like the little boys she is not attracted to.


So when you meet this girl and your interaction goes well, and you get the phone number, take your time. Do not make it seem like you are in a rush; do not make it seem that you are too available for her. Even if you are super available don’t act like it, nor let it be known. In all honesty, if you have that much time on your hands, you’re doing something wrong.


Get a hobby or a passion, go out and have fun. When you do that, the rest just falls in place. After you start talking and even after dating and sex, stay the same way. Do not, at all cost, start being needy. Fight your feelings, and let things happen as they do.


Take things slow, and do not rush them. If you want more than just sex, and she seems to want more time with you, and that’s what you want, let it happen by all means, but do not push it. If you’re the one pushing it then it’s not a mutual thing, step back. If you’re just after fun, then it’s even more important. Set up a time to hang out.


Younger women are looking to you becuase she wants a mature man with humor and life expeirence. You can always fake this until you make it to by the way, but you should be developing that as a natural way to your life. Smile confident, even if you aren’t at first.


Do not make it a “date”. Do not think about it as “dating”. Just invite her out to have fun, either just the two of you somewhere, or out with a group. Remember, whatever it is that you do, just make it easy-going, fun, and make it spontaneous. Don’t be too serious, you will come off like her Dad. Don’t try and give her too much advice on life, just listen to her and understand her time period in life.


These are some of the key areas men go wrong when dating younger women, and here are some other articles on dating younger women

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