Dating A Younger Woman


If you want to be dating a younger woman, you will need to get the proper mindset.

First of all, erase any and all doubt that young women are not attracted to older men. Trust me; it is so far from the truth, it’s unreal. I could not believe it myself, but after going through my transformation led by a natural friend, the world opened up for me as it will for you. All of a sudden there were more young beautiful women attracted to me than I could possibly imagine. Once I got it through my head that I was actually more attractive than the younger guys, it all opened up. You must understand female psychology to understand this.

 You see just like I have described before about what women are attracted to, younger men don’t have those qualities, and older men do. So it’s just a matter of fitting into their vision of that sexy older guy. Once again think about the actors these girls grew up in love with: Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and many more. And all were middle aged men. So these girls just need you to remind them of these guys.

No young guy still trying to figure out what life is about can provide that to them and they know it. Younger men are just like we all were at that age, and that is pretty much clueless. They are still too busy partying with their friends, most are mentally unstable and not financially stable. They are boys, and most girls of any age call them little boys for that reason.


Yes, there are many young women that prefer a young good looking stud, but it does not mean she doesn’t want a sexy older guy. About 5 percent of it is looks; the other 95 percent is game.  That is where you have to be better than the younger guys. In all honesty, I do not really find that the girls that like the younger guys qualify for a girl I would be interested in. I like dating a younger woman that appreciates me and what I have to offer. A lot of younger men have much to offer too, but that is not my reality. So I choose to only accept what fits into my reality and choose that type of girl for me. I like the girls that naturally just like older men better. She usually is the type that will fit with your mentality more. She will be more mature and into the things you enjoy. Her desires, needs and wants will be more like yours.

You don’t want a little club girl that just wants to play around, or maybe you do. Maybe you’re just looking for fun, and you certainly will find it with them. Just be aware that these girls aren’t the keeping type, they are for play only, and you may find a lot of these. They love an older guy to play with, yet want to just keep it between the two of you and she will go about her own little social life without you.

The reason for this is that she knows she wants you and you will be better than the younger guy in bed, yet socially she may not want to feel the heat from all her friends. For many of you that may be just what you’re looking for, and that is not a bad thing. Have fun with it if that’s what you want. Just be sure to keep your mentality where it needs to be. Do not get attached to these types of girls, accept the relationship as is and just enjoy it for what it is. Do not get needy or clingy. Just like a cat, you will scare these types fast if you do. I cannot say this enough guys.

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How To Attract Younger Women


The 10 Must Have Rules on How to Attract Younger Women

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How to Attract Younger Womenhow-to-attract-younger-women

If you could imagine the ideal setting with your social life and women, how would it be? Can you imagine yourself to be charismatically engaging the crowd ? What girl would you imagine walking beside you, yet allowing you to lead and in awe of your use of power and charisma that takes over the area? As you are walking around and working the room, you can’t help but notice the young and beautiful specimens. They all are dressed in jaw dropping body shaping outfits that show off their young, feminine bodies. These young women are at their prime age of peak  fit qualities. Is the girl on your side of the same level as I am describing? I am guessing if you’re like most men, she would be a hot younger woman of course. Is this in your scope of reality? Because if it is not, you need to make it so and learn how to attract younger women. I’ve taken some of the most important parts from the Dating Younger Women Ebook and summarized them here for you.

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