Attracting Women – What is Pre-Selection?

Use Pre-Selection to Meet More Women!



Pre-selection is part of what we call a display of Higher value, or a DHV. Pre-selection in a nut shell is exactly how it sounds. You are thought of as pre-selected when a woman observes the actions of other women in your life. For example if you walk into a club with a pretty girl, and many others are happy to see you and are open and social with you. This shows any observing women that you are ok with other women; Therefore, there must be something appealing about you that she would find interesting too. And if you recall from our definition of attraction , having interest is having some sort of attraction. 

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How To Attract Women

Learn How To Attract Women by Learning What is Attraction

What is attraction


Attraction by definition is when someone becomes interested in another person. This doesn’t have to be purely a sexual way. You get attracted to things you might want in your life or simply find it interesting enough to explore more at that time period. When we talk about attraction in dating science, we are talking about when a woman starts to look at you in a sexual way, or at least as a possible sexual partner. We are talking about how to attract women to us and to want us. The key to finding out how to attract women is by learning what is attraction really.

How to Attract Women

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