The Divorced Man’s Survival Guide Book

  • Are you a divorced man trying to get back into dating after divorce and wondering how you are going to handle all this?
  • Are you a middle-aged man and now single again after being in a long relationship?
  • Are you lost and feeling hopeless that you can actually get back out there and enjoy being single again?
  • Do you feel like your best years are behind you and women wont want you now?
  • Have you been rejected and you feel that you will never get the girl you want?


It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This!


Looking back and taking a scroll down memory lane you realize that you are not the man that you were before.

You got married, and the person you are today may have changed dramatically over the years from the man you were. Back then you may have felt like girls came around easily and or for others maybe that became a task.

Now reality hits that the man you were is no longer there,  and the man you became just isn’t enough, you are now single again and unsure of where to begin. You’re scared of what is out there now aren’t you. You don’t have any game left, or maybe you never had it.

Men change when their married; it’s all a part of the society system. We are trained by it, the media, our parents, people, news, work, movies, and mostly by women. You have done what you felt was the proper thing for a man to do based on society’s rules and what you learned along the way. You worked half of your life away to make a decent living to support the marriage and your family, and now your trying to get back into dating after divorce.


Well There Is Good News!


The Divorced Man’s Survival Guide!


If your looking for a quick and easy guide to help you figure out the most important things you should be focusing on to get back out and enjoying life again, this is it.

This is my how to step by step guide to keep you focused on the things you should be doing and working on to prepare yourself for this next period of your life.

  • Why reinvent the wheel ?
  • Why spend hours and years trying to figure out things by trial and error?


Trust me when I say this, if you do this right, this will be the most enjoyable time of your life!


  • Do you want to date almost any girl you want?
  • Do you want to date younger women that you never thought you could?
  • Do you want to wake up smiling thinking about how fun your day is going to be because you have your choice of women to date?
  • How would you like to be able to walk into any place and instantly get the vibe that girls are wanting you?


You may think this is impossible, but I assure you, if you take the steps outlined in this guide, your life can and will be just like that. Mine is and I took these exact steps to get there! You can too! Just rinse and repeat!



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 PS… I am so sure that this guide will help you I am giving you a 100 percent guarantee!