Top 10 Sexual Mistakes Men Make In Bed

Sexual-mistakes-men-makeHere is my TOP 10 List of Sexual Mistakes Men Make!


Hi Guys, I’m Shayla! A little about me I work with Evan Hawk in his journey to help men by giving you all a females perspective on dating and social dynamics. I am here to express from females perspective on what myself and many of my girlfriends all talk about when we have our girls bathroom chats, I think you all know what I mean. We girls get down and dirty and talk a lot more open then you guys do meaning details to the T. Here is my Top 10 sexual mistakes men make.

A little warning to the sensitive people, this is raw and unedited! Evan gave me full permission to let it all out just like we girls do when together. We came up with this idea after many one to one conversations we have had about people’s relationships and what they are like. So make sure to come back for many more juicy unedited articles.

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TOP 10 Donts for Men and Dating

Top 10 list of Don’ts That Men Do To Kill Attraction


Do Not’s


I wanted to list some of the things that men do that kill it for them and some general rules to go by. You need to get these in your head and internalize them.

Top 10 Don'ts in Dating



Do not call (text) too much.

This is one of the biggest mistakes men make. No matter what you do, you cannot come across as needy. This will get you shut out faster than anything. It’s creepy. It’s desperate, and no girl wants a guy that is that desperate to be with them. The exact opposite is what they want, even though they do not know it or admit it. Like we spoke about earlier, they want what they can’t have. They have to feel like others want you, you have a life, and that they are not the center of it, especially when you don’t even know them yet. Be patient, learn the skill of text game, it can make you or break you.

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TOP 10 Dos For Dating

Top 10 for Ment and DatingSome Must Have TOP 10 Do’s for Dating


Here is my list of Top 10 Do’s for dating. There are many men need to do for success, but this list incorporates the most fundamental Top 10 to do’s for dating. If you do not have these, then the rest does not work as well. You need to create a foundation for everything else with these.

The TOP 10 to do’s for dating.

Get some style

We gone over this before, but we have to keep reminding ourselves of this one. I cannot say enough how just a little style to you will dramatically make you more appealing to women

Start paying attention to your body language and your facial expressions.
Make sure you aren’t moving too fast or acting flinchy. Get some slow deliberate movements down. Your walk needs to be more fluid and smooth. Stop walking so fast. Pick up your shoulders. Walk with confidence.

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